Mois de Aôut 2004

Dimanche 29 Aout 2004 à 13H00, par Jets

- Et encore une nouvelle version de Doomsday qui est une version bugsfix, vous pouvez la télécharger comme d'habitude dans la section Ports. Voici les nouveautés:

Version 1.8.2

- fixed: segfault when starting a new game during demo playback
- fixed: instant camera position changes during demo playback
- fixed: console font disappearance
+ added control panel setting for rend-tex-filter-smart
- adjusted particle Z coordinate when touching a plane
- fixed fatal error when building GL nodes for a map in the end of the
data lump directory

Mac OS X:
- fixed endianness problem with MUS-to-MIDI conversion

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Dimanche 22 Aout 2004 à 18H10, par Jets

- Encore une nouvelle version de Doomsday vient de sortir pour Windows et à présent compatible Linux, vous pouvez la télécharger bien évidement dans la section Ports. Voici les nouveautés:

Version 1.8.1

* it is no longer possible to turn off camera smoothing
- cvar 'rend-camera-smooth' was hidden
- fixed: game event smoothing now operates seamlessly regardless of the
- fixed: camera position smoothing wasn't synced correctly to frames
- fixed: segfault related to sight checking over large distances (e.g.
TNT map 27)
+ dpMapLoad: glBSP 1.96 as a plugin, run on the fly when necessary
+ rend-halo-realistic: use only more realistic halos (slightly smaller,
dimmer), no secondary lens flares; enabled by default
- fixed: Map Info -> Execute
- fixed: FakeRadio bug where vertical shadows were rendered above and
under the left and right edge of an opening in a straight wall
- GL must not be loaded at all in dedicated mode
- file finder had problems descending into subdirectories
- input events are processed immediately: mouse lag is gone both in the
game and in the UI
- mouse filter is more careful not to ever lose any mickeys
- all pending ticcmds are always processed immediately (excessive
buffering no longer a danger)
- fixed several endianness issues to allow building on a big endian arch
* tuned up handling of ticcmds during transfer from client to server
* particle movement is smoothed (except flat particles that contact
a surface)
* mouse look is always as smooth as it can be
* all games use the same keyboard look scheme (jDoom's was different)
* framerate is measured more accurately
+ ccmd 'message': display a local game message

* more unified handling of ticcmds
+ cvar 'player-move-speed': player movement speed modifier (0..1)

- fixed: '-warp' made fonts disappear

- fixed: when a demo stops continue with a running InFine sequence

- too many console messages caused a crash during startup (extra verbosity)
- crash when starting in dedicated mode

+ environment variable DENG_MIDI_CMD: play MIDI music using this program
(defaults to "timidity")
+ '--without-(game)' configuration option skips (game)
+ '--without-opengl' configuration option removes all OpenGL support
from the build (for dedicated servers)
- color adjustments are now working (vid-gamma et al.)
- demo file names were formed incorrectly

Mac OS X:
- pretty much everything can be compiled and run on Mac OS X with the
help of fink and Apple's X11 server (except netgames, don't go there)

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