Mois de Juillet 2004

Lundi 12 Juillet 2004 à 21H00, par Jets

- Une nouvelle version de Doomsday vient de sortir pour Windows et à présent compatible Linux, vous pouvez la télécharger bien évidement dans la section Ports. Voici les nouveautés:

Version 1.8.0
- fixed: game clock must not be running while map is being loaded
- fixed: mobj Z coordinate when sector has a fake floor

Version 1.8.0-rc3
* use TCP connection for sending reliable data (game setup, etc.)
- ccmd 'listmaps' was missing
- fixed: FakeRadio bug where narrow shadows stretch beyond parent edge
- fixed: mouse wheel events in Linux
- fixed: opening control panel in dedicated mode

+ 'XImage' command: set an external graphics resource to a Rect

Version 1.8.0-rc2
+ control panel text has its own color (not just white)
* maximum frame rate limited to 200
* movement of missiles and other such objects is now smoothed
* network setup screens revised
* modems, serial links and IPX no longer supported (only TCP/IP)
- ccmd 'playsound' was missing
- things didn't follow moving planes smoothly
- fixed an input event processing bug that caused duplicated events

Version 1.8.0-rc1
! Release Candidate
! features from alpha-2 and alpha-3 are *not included*
* Linux now officially supported (no MIDI music, joysticks)
+ control panel settings for FakeRadio
+ rend-fakeradio-darkness
* rend-camera-smooth now affects 3D model animation, monster movement
* artifact bobbing (Heretic/Hexen) completely smooth
* 3D model spinning completely smooth
* key repeat uses milliseconds (input-key-delay)
* network code uses TCP sockets and UDP packets, DirectPlay ditched
- savegame directory creation bug fixed
- PK3 reader supports files created with Info-ZIP that contain extra
field data
- OpenGL display resolution change sometimes didn't update viewport
- FakeRadio shadows are not rendered when light amplification is active

Version 1.8.alpha-3
! Alpha Release
+ multiple viewports
+ local players are automatically assigned to different viewports
+ ccmd 'viewgrid': set up the viewport grid
+ clientside turning/looking
* basic toggle controls once again included in ticcmds
* distinction between stick and pointer controller axes
* engine handles all controls

Version 1.8.alpha-2
! Alpha Release
* controller axes can be bound to specific local players
* engine handles all controls (incomplete)
* 'walk' and 'sidestep' axis controls can be bound (partially implemented)
+ 'bindaxis' command: bind a controller axis to an axis control (e.g.
"bindaxis mouse-y walk")
- fixed: sound system (on Win32), may still crash during shutdown
- removed obsolete settings from the Control Panel

Version 1.8.alpha-1
! Alpha Release
+ Linux support
+ accurate measurement of time (variable-length ticks); game code still
untouched, uses 35 Hz legacy timing
* independent input->ticcmd generator (stub only)
* now uses the SDL library (

+ FakeRadio: simulated radiosity lighting (cvar 'rend-fakeradio')
+ smart texture filtering (modified hq2x, 'rend-tex-filter-smart')
- removed smooth camera hack ('rend-camera-smooth')

* portable low-level implementation (TCP/UDP sockets), needs testing!

Site officiel.

Mardi 08 Juillet 2004 à 19H50, par Jets

Une nouvelle version de Edge est disponible, celle-ci corrige quelques bugs pour la version windows:

- Fix for crouching.
- Fix for finding patches in patch dir.
- Fix for brain shooter with no spawn spots.
- Fix for close combat attacks not being consistent with Doom.
- Support for non-power-of-two textures.
- Generic STEALTH monsters added to default DDFs (Things 4050->4061).
- Windows only: Changes to make engine run under Windows 95.
- Windows only: Minimum DirectX required is now version 3.
- Windows only: improved handling of ALT+TAB.

A télécharger ici.
Plus d'infos sur le site de EDGE.


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